Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Livin' In Motion

"Livin' In Motion!"

Staying motivated at a time when all seems futile and impossible is easier said than done. Thank goodness for the old premise of misery loves company. There is a feeling of soothing to know that we are not alone. That most people out there currently are feeling the stress and pinch of our modern day state of affairs. The feeling of moving forward or "Living in Motion" is certainly being tested at this moment in time for most.... certainly for me.

Movement and physical activity can not only help you in terms of your health and weight but can also help to heal your emotions. Putting on a great song that moves your heart and taps into your emotions can lift your spirit. Even a song that brings you to tears while you are on a treadmill or just taking a walk can help you stay in touch with your feelings enabling you to move forward.

This is my philosophy.... "Livin' in Motion"... Never Stop Movin'!.... roll with the punches (.... ha,ha, one of my favorite lines from Jerry Maguire). All those cliches that we hear everyday are there for a reason. To give us hope to keep on keepin on!

As a person that has lost 100 pounds and constantly struggles to keep my weight and health in check, I understand the pitfalls of staying on the wagon. Financially as a mom of 3 kids I am tackling the never ending cycle of trying to keep my head above water financially.

This is why I write music for health & fitness. For while I hope to help others I am also helping myself at the same time. I appreciate all of you who read my material...listen to my voice and music. This is what helps keep me "Livin' in Motion".

Here is a song by me for you! At a tempo of 140 beats per minute...take some time for own Musical Health!

Walk... run... bop in place...as long as you Never Stop Movin!

Marina Kamen aka MARINA

Click here for my song "Livin' In Motion"


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