Friday, September 18, 2009

At a Time of Paper Houses... You Can Count On Me!

Never has there been a time of more uncertainty than now. Those of us that were born during the 50s and 60s have always held out hope for the future. College, marriage, children, career are all areas that we have assumed would be part of our path. Not so fast! These days with the economy and health care costs crumbling down around us our lives are starting to feel more like paper houses falling rather than wind at our backs. The wind that we thought would push along through life may currently feel like a tornado that is bound to blow away our paper houses in our minds destroying what we are attempting to create around us.

Working on our health and fitness is something that if given the blessing of no underlying issues can give us a feeling of control. No, we cannot always control those outside sources of government spending or extenuating circumstance, however, we can grab hold of our health by taking a walk or stretching in the morning. How about lying on the floor while listening to some great music and working on those abs. Oh yes, having access to a treadmill is always good but simply popping on those headphones and taking a walk is sure to leave you filled with vitality and a more positive attitude for the day.

You can count on me! As a mom of 3 kids that was born in the late 50s, I have seen much. As a person who has lost 100 pounds, I have tapped into feelings of empowerment and self worth. You can count on me to be there with music and words of passion. You can count on me for encouragement and that extra gentle push. You can count on me to be there when the wind has blown down that paper house knowing how you feel.

my song to you...
You Can Count On Me!


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