Monday, March 9, 2009

Don't Quit!... you're gonna get it!

"Life is crazy.. lots to go through.. I know the truth now, let me tell you!" After living for "half a century", as my three kids so gently put it, I have had to balance all the ingredients that we refer to as having it all in the American Dream. Family... career.... marriage... oh yes... and of course staying on a path of healthy life style living. Easier said than done. Too often do I end the day with a feeling of lack of accomplishment, feeling paralyzed and unable to see how things will get better. Oh, I do that inner dialogue of telling myself that I am doing great! After all, I am a mom, a wife, I have lost 100 pounds! Wow! all good stuff. However, I do fall off the wagon putting back on those 15 pounds that on my 5 foot 3 inch frame feels like a ton! "Get on that treadmill girl and give me 3 miles... drop on that floor and give me 100 crunches"... EEEEK!!! "try not to pop those cookies in your mouth as you pass the jar on the counter and certainly portion out that glass of wine that you have become aware of having as the late afternoon arrives.

As a singer/songwriter and musician who has spent the last decade writing music aimed at the fitness community, the thought of lyric motivation in addition to a beat is the musical marriage that I hope has reached many of you. Like you I too struggle with the everyday battle that has most of us uncertain about our futures. Career blocks with feelings that I might never achieve goals set out for since childhood. Here is a bit of advice. Here is a lyric to ponder.... "Don't Quit! you're gonna get it... got to be in it to win it... you're the best don't you forget it... Don't Quit no, no!"

Check out the link below.... at a tempo of 100 beats per minute it is a perfect pace to work out to for your musical health... so... drop and give me twenty crunches while you listen! :)

Click here for my song "Don't Quit"

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