Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reach For The Top

How many times do you wake with that feeling of wanting to give up? Yeh.... me too. Well, I am here to bring you words and music that will help to inspire even the most jaded of readers and listeners. As a singer/songwriter and music producer who has concentrated on bringing music to the health & fitness communities, I spend my days reading blogs and thoughts from people all over the country. As a mom of 3 who has lost 100 pounds, I appreciate the writings and inspiration of others.

What a time we live in. Easy? No... Whether financial or health related, the stress that comes along with the daily struggles of going for one's goals can take its toll. Motivating each other to stay on track utilizing the reach that technology can offer is a wonderful gift for us all! So, I bring you music... lyrics... motivation... "Reach for the Top"! Come on... you can do it. Whether it be losing a few pounds, looking for work or nurturing a relationship. Click on the link to hear a song from my catalog at At a tempo of 137 beats per minute (bpm) I hope that it gives you that extra push to Reach for the Top!

Enjoy and as always...

Never Stop Movin'!


Free song below..
Click HERE - "Reach For The Top"

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