Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Walkin' in a Sandy Jungle"

Oh, the steps we are all having to take to juggle our lives at the moment. Kind of like Walkin' in a Sandy Jungle... you've got to pivot your soul. Much like walking on a sandy beach where you actually have to physicalize pivoting your sole, literally. I think it was Bob Dylan who sang "..... swim with the fishies or sink like a stone". Now it is more true than ever. Multi tasking, switching gears. You can do it! You are a star chamber, always remember your goals, let them flow and always know you can do it. There will always be natural instability. After all, you are only a mortal..... so there are times when you've got to pivot your soul. Now, wait a minute... when I say pivot I mean sensor your plans and lose all demands on yourself..... don't let it get you. Do something fun. Maybe go out to a club and let it get in your blood.... your personal secret weapon.

Yes, yes..... as a musical fitness recording artist who is a mom of 3 kids and has lost 100 pounds, I practice what I preach. I start most days with a walk or a run. Even if I do nothing else, I simply pop on my head phones right at my computer as I write and walk in place as I do so. Certainly checking emails to see what maneuvering I will have to do to get out of the way of that day's problem. Ah yes, much like walking in the streets here in NYC is much like Walkin' in a Sandy Jungle... you got to pivot your soul... or sole, if you will, to avoid the pot holes... crowds.... construction overhead.

Well... take a break from it all. Take a deep breath and do something good for you! Try it! Pop on those headphones and check out this song from me to you. At a tempo of 92 beats per minute, you can walk in place slowly or double it up to get a quick beat and boost of energy as you keep on with your day Walkin' in your own Sandy Jungle!

Stay well and always remember to....

Never Stop Movin'!


Click here for my song "Walkin' In a Sandy Jungle"

Fitness music by MARINA

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