Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog & Shake with My Philosophy!

What an incredible tool this social networking is! Whether it be soliciting potential clients, customers or merely connecting with people of similar interests and passions.... it's all about marketing oneself and one's personal ideas, isn't it?

So much of social networking has become a battle grounds of do and don'ts, rules and stopping that potential "spam" artist from rearing it's ugly head. The art of blogging and conditional giving on the internet is something to be mastered. After all, "what is one person's garbage is another one's fortune."

I say "it's all good!" Work for your goal using all the tools at hand. Being a 50 year old mother of 3 kids, learning how to maneuver around the internet and research, connect, this is what we have been taught to do since our early childhood education in the library with those wooden draws holding index cards. Oye!.... Researching, improving, achieving, right?

Shake it up! That's my philosophy! In both body & spirit. After you have worked your mind and powered those finger tips on a keyboard reaching out to those around you, take a few minutes to work that body for your own personal musical health. Stay in touch and reach out to YOU! You deserve it!

As a person who has lost 100 pounds, I write and sing this song for you to walk... run... or simply
"bop on out" right at your computer.

At at tempo of 132 beats per minute, click link below and come on Shake to My Philosophy!

Click here for my song "My Philosophy"


Keep this in mind
in time you're gonna find
come on and give a try
to My Philosophy
Take every single day
to find a better way
come on along and play
My Philosophy

Come on over
and open up yourself
let's start a fire
we're going to get there
high and higher


come on try it
don't deny it
come on Shake with My Philosophy
come on show it
don't you blow it
flying high with My Philosophy


come on and take the time
to have a real good time
and let me blow your mind
with My Philosophy
come on and live your life
no care or strife
that's right!
that's My Philosophy

workout music by MARINA

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