Monday, February 2, 2009

Please... client me on and be "Forever My Friend!"

I look around and everywhere I go people are going through some of the toughest personal challenges that they have ever had in their lives. Economic fears that are overwhelming. When things happen like this and we get pushed against the wall it unfortunately can make the worst come out in us rather that the best. The "every man for himself" attitudes rise to the surface of many that normally would never consider making certain choices now confronting them and affecting their behavior. Perhaps it is as simple as pushing someone in line and behaving like wild animals as we saw demonstrated in X-mas 2008 at the Walmart early morning sale. People trampling others just to save a few bucks on a toy for their kids that they could not afford at regular price. Maybe it is a simple as little lies that we tell in order to get that job or acquire that college loan.
Being a co-business owner of Kamen Entertainment Group, Inc. NYC since 1987 together with my husband, we have had hundreds of employees over the past 22 years. I am satisfied in knowing that we have over this past period of time given jobs to many deserving young people who are on their path to careers they have prepared for. We have fired a few... a few have left for personal reasons.
As a mother who has 3 children who is watching my oldest plunging into the work force after graduating from Columbia University, I am seeing up close the pain young people are going through.
How scary to know that even with a great college degree the American Dream may not come so fast.... rather it is starting to feel like a dream already dreamed and now woken up from.
"It's just business... nothing personal". Oh really now!.... eeek! How unrealistic.
As a small business owner these words lay heavy... cruel and untrue. It is difficult for me not to get personally involved. We are suppose to be civilized people caring for one another. Well... is that not what we hear from our politically correct television spokes people? Easier said than done, huh? It cuts both ways. I am sorry to say that the loyalty that I once saw in business from the client side has been tested. No one's fault. For client to supplier... supplier to client... we are all up against the wall having to make these tough choices. That once upon a time cocktail after work or taking that client to lunch thing is quickly disappearing. Nothing lasts forever. I will say, on a personal note, that there are a few of you out there that go to bat for others whenever you can, even now. In these hard times, this is an uplifting gift enveloped in a generous spirit. You know who you are.
As a singer/songwriter who has lost 100 pounds writing and performing music for the health & fitness industry, I encourage you to experience Musical Health! So... at a tempo of 95 beats per minute (bpm) take a minute to stretch... do some ab work... or simply sit up straight and inhale and exhale as I sing to you....
come on.... carry me on and be Forever my Friend!"

Never Stop Movin'!


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