Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Got No Time Today?... Come Get Your Beat On!

Got no time today?... strap on your heals come on and let's play... come get your beat on!
Hearing your own beat. What do I mean? Being in touch with your own passions and desires everyday will help you through even the bumpiest of times. Hearing your own voice internally can give you the soundtrack of the day and push you through. Ever wake up with a song stuck in your head that you cannot stop? How about waking up in the morning with a goal, no matter how small that vibrates through you like that song that goes round and round. "Spinning right round baby right round like a record baby.... etc..." Oh, am I dating myself back to the 80s?... back to the early days of MTV?
Well... early music videos started to give us that visual notion of the motion..... filled us with ideas.... snap shots of what we were suppose to look like.... sound like... behave like.... Me? no... got no time today to watch MTV... got no time today to think about every legging and bangle that I might "strap" on.... however... hearing my own inner music? Staying in touch with a sound and visual image of everyday goals?... sure. For like me, you too have an inner beat... you too can "come get your beat on". Listen closely to you! Take the time. Following your own instincts is a phrase that we hear often but how many of us really trust our own instincts, our own inner voice, if you will.
So, I am here to help. I am just like you pounding the pavement everyday and trying to obtain goals that feel out of reach. Often I feel like giving up, often I stop hearing the music that I write and breath. You are here to help me too! For as I write the music that gives you that extra push to get up and that extra push up.... my goal of staying self motivated grows stronger. My urge to just stop and shove in that extra donut and sit in front of another replay of Wheel of Fortune diminishes. The pumping drive that has risen with me everyday keeps the tempo in my head and heart to forge ahead.
As a mother of 3 kids as well as a woman who has lost 100 pounds, I understand the battle that one may have in achieving a goal that feels out of reach. I understand the desire to just throw in the towel and give up. So whom should I turn to when my own inner voice stops... when I can no longer get the beat on?
You!.... I thank "you" for being there... listening to my music... reading my words. Can you hear it?... are you listening?..... Come on!... take the time today to "come get your beat on"!

"Got no time Today?" 90bpm
written & performed by MARINA


workout music by MARINA

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