Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! yes...yes.....another year of swinging the bat. Resolutions..... made one to eat better and get into better shape? Music to my ears. Easier said than done. Yes, for me as well. For I like you struggle daily with that battle of the bulge....huffing and puffing as i reluctantly step on up to my treadmill, rebounder or elliptical machine. Maybe I'll just dance in front of the mirror to one of my own songs today...Geez! When will it get painless? Ever? Ha!
No chance.Burn...breath...push....Never Stop Movin' Oye! The part I like best is the finish. Well...that's the truth. As a Musical Health & Fitness enthusiast I wish I could tell you that I love to exercise, however, my mother taught me never to lie, so I must say it like it is. I would much rather be sitting back watching CNN sucking down a bagel smothered in butter and coffee light and sweet.
No chance. As I complete my 3 mile run followed by 200 crunches and 100 arm raises the shower awaits. Bubbles "take me away"!
Cleanse my tired muscle. Encourage me to swallow that 8 ounce glass of water that should be taken every two hours. Does it make me full? No, of course not. Maybe just maybe, it will hold off my appetite for another hour or so before the next craving hits. When that craving hits...what will it be?
A bread craving? a chocolate craving? a spare rib craving?...which will be the lesser of all evils? I know, I know...grilled chicken and salad linch. Again? cottage cheese? yogurt?fruit? I saw on GMA the other day Oprah's fitness guru pushing the ever present fruit smoothie. I love them but come are you going too prepare a smoothie at the car on a long drive...Never!
So the urge washes in to grab that cheese burger, tuna sandwich with french fries, grilled cheese. All of these items are what have been referred to as "kids friendly foods". Friendly? Not Even Close! Fat, fat and more fat...sugars, carbs!...Help!!!!!
Well....writing helps to vent frustration with my own battle. Writing songs to workout with does as well. So here I go. Off to the recording studio to sing the blues away and hopefully motivate myself to Never Stop Movin' no matter how hard it seems.


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