Friday, January 23, 2009

Self?... don't you get Lost Along The Way!

How many of us who are trying to balance home... work... family and our health ever stop and think.... "Where did "I" go?”... Who is this person that I now don't recognize? With all the things that we do, especially us working moms, we often forget who we were before we grew up... maybe got married... maybe had kids. I ask.... "who were you when you were young?" What were the dreams and goals that have been compromised now in order to attempt to have it all? The American dream, honey!
Being a person who has lost 100 pounds and juggles home, work, family & fitness and gets written to by countless people around the country dealing with their obesity struggle I have seen this time and time again; women who have lost their own sense of self. This often tends to make them candidates who struggle the hardest with addictions.... food addiction being at the front of the pack. These women who often lose this sense of self where food becomes their whole world, forever planning events around what the cuisine will be rather than what the actual event is. Women who too often surround themselves with others who are also getting "Lost Along The Way." After all, as the saying goes, "misery loves company"!
This is a time when there are many varying choices in our country of types of families... options to young women who may get pregnant at a young age. As wonderful as having all this choice is, it also can bring complications to these young women. Maybe not finishing school.... there fore not being able to go for a better job... which in turn may lead to poverty which often goes hand in hand with obesity. The inexpensive fast food choices that are affordable have certainly left a food-a-holic blemish on so many.... especially young moms. Don't get me wrong. Plenty of fantastic young moms and dads who's hearts are in the right place. However... being able to juggle it all looks good on paper... but how does one do that exactly. There are never enough hours in the day or energy left at the end of an exhausting day to stay tapped into one's dream let alone have the time or desire to keep going for it. Time... money... energy.... gumption.... oye! Help!
This may help. Take time for you. No matter where you are or how difficult things might seem, "YOU" matter the most!
Taking care of your health is primo! Even just sitting for a few minutes with eyes closed... sitting up with straight back... shoulders down and back... chin down. Inhale and exhale and think about you! Let your mind wander and drift into a sweet spot of memory and hope. If you can do that... take it to another level. No time? Well... do this. Stand at your computer and walk in place to this one... or simply stay in your chair and bop to the beat. At a tempo of 160 beats per minute (bpm), hear my voice while I sing to you these words...
"I want to stay with you forever... as long as we are both together. It does not matter who is right… oh no... just keep that vision in your sight!"
You see as I tell you most everyday... I am like you. I too need that push and that motivation. Being able to write to you and create music for you to stay on your health & fitness path in turn helps me too! I thank you for that.... so...hear what I say..."self?... don't you get Lost Along The Way!"

Now come on and break that sweat...and as always...

Never Stop Movin'!


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