Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Parents with Parents...the greatest Time of Your Life!"

In 1987, after the birth of my first child, my mother unfortunately got sick with a brain condition that lead to her death a couple of years later. Since then I have had 2 more kids with one of them being a daughter. My daughter, Tess, is now 15 years old. As I watch her, oh how she reminds me of myself. How I long not to repeat many of the same patterns that got in the way of a less than perfect relationship I remember with my own mother. For we all repeat patterns. Recognizing a pattern that is emotionally unhealthy is the first step towards changing it and making it better.
Knowing how to apologize to our children when we have been out of line ourselves is as important as your child saying that they are sorry to you after being defiant.
For those of you that are moms and still have your own mom around.... treasure that. Once our mothers leave this earth there is no turning back. How I wish my mother could have known all three of my children, especially my daughter.
Being an adult who can still hold, touch & kiss one's mother is precious. What a great time of your life.
Here is a song by me to you! Enjoy it. Take a break from your computer and stretch while you listen... inhale through the nose... exhale through the mouth....


...and as always...

Never Stop Movin'

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