Friday, January 9, 2009

"Sleep or no sleep? That is the question!"

After spending most of my life looking forward to sleeping weekends away, waking up, eating a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and juice then going right back into bed and sleeping another few hours, I never thought that sleeping would be an issue for me. Well, now as I get a bit older I am finding that many nights I spend staring at the ceiling counting how many cracks have appeared and wondering when I will have to bite the bullet and give it a paint job. Not even after a day that started out with a 3 mile run, lifting weights, 200 sit ups, eating a well balanced variety of veggies, good carbs and clean protein can help on these long and frustrating evenings.
Why does this happen? Well...I think that the stress and pressure that comes with the current day state of situations that affect us all comes into play. After all, how many images of our politicians standing in front of us on the news shouting out the shape of our economy do we see everyday? How many thoughts pop into our heads about how to continue in our personal endeavors, dreams, goals, education if the "money" issue is forever looming. This combined with thinking about the day ahead shoved with work responsibilities, kids, after school activities...oye!
So I lay there. Staring, watching the digital clock creep by minute after minute. Of course, usually falling asleep right before the time I am suppose to wake up only to feel like the walking dead. Oh yes, I take a sleep aid now and again, however, not even the strongest most advertised sleep aid can help with these sleepless nights. Not even that old wive's tale of warm milk and a bath prior to bedtime ca assist with this dilema.
Well here it is. Another day. I will start again. Get on up to one cup of coffee, a 3 mile run, lifting weights, doing my trusty crunches. I will eat properly and work towards my goal. I will write and hear the music of all possibility as I keep myself motivated. Tonight...sleep or no sleep?That will be the question.


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