Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today has got Great Possibility!

Waking up with a fresh me look on the day ahead is a feeling most of us look forward to. The problem is that these days sometimes come few and far between. However, the day that comes in bright and cheery fills us with that feeling of great possibility. No matter what we are attempting to conquer may be conquered. Seeing that the start of a new year makes most of us reach into our souls and swear to change some old habit we are trying to shake off or to stick to some new life style change we are attempting to stick to can give us that reason to go on.
So, what are your great possibilities? Large, small... no worries. Even the smallest of goals can often give us that fresh new outlook never seen before. Those of us that struggle with our weight most of the time set ourselves up with too large a goal. However, if we are honest... if we give ourselves a chance to succeed given a reasonable goal... the possibilities open up. The idea of maybe starting a new cardio program may feel like a homework assignment unless we approach it with reason.
Baby steps. That's right...baby steps. "Walk before you can run" is an expression that most of us have grown up around. Take those first steps towards your goal. Open up the door and put one foot in front of the other....or...simply stand and just start those feet moving even if you are simply walking in place. Never Stop Movin'!...yeah...these small words can guide you with a feeling as well as a physicalization. Never Stop going towards your goal...never give up.....etc.....
Today?.....today has got Great Possibility!....your eyes are able to read and comprehend....your fingers are able to glide over that keyboard and search for boundless possibilities that the world wide web has to offer. Can you now hear the music? Can you hear your own vocalization singing your own praise of self-achievement? This is how you help me. For in writing and speaking to you I open up my own mind to Never Stop Movin'!....Inhale thru the nose...exhale thru the mouth. You can do it......I do believe that you can.....because.......today has got "Great Possibility!"

Great Possibility!....92 bpm
written & performed by MARINA


workout music by MARINA

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