Saturday, January 17, 2009

Networking women ......"Won't Help Me!"

"Won't Help Me!....won't be holdin' my hand!"...

I am a 50 year old working mother of 3 children and started my own business in NYC 22 years ago from my kitchen table with my first child, Justin ( now 22 and recently graduated from Columbia University) still in a playpen by my side. From that year of 1987, I have worked exhaustingly to juggle the tough task of building a business while raising now 3 kids, two of which are still in High School with the hard costs of their two college tuitions looming in the very near future. Since that time I have built Kamen Entertainment Group, Inc. & Recording Studios which spent the past 20 years housed in NYC Times Square complete with a 22 person staff to organize and keep afloat. In addition to this, I did it with my husband of 25 years. Staying married and holding this all together is a topic all by itself. I recently relocated my recording studios and business to Chelsea here in NYC... lots of work to organize and move 11,000 sq ft of recording equipment and office supplies... furniture... etc....after such a long time in one place. Doing this all while still servicing clients, trying to get and keep business in these tough economic times and still keeping track of my children's schedules at school... homework assignments.... getting them to after school activities.
After all this, I still have to go and write and record music, vocals & voice overs for countless clients. Oh yes, and workout everyday to keep my 100 pounds weight loss from creeping up on me again. "...eeek! Calgon, take me away".
I feel that having networking opportunities open for women is extremely important to us all. Too often, women in business have a tendency to block other women from succeeding rather than to offer a helping hand. What is it about our nature as women that make us do that? Good Morning America recently covered this topic."won't help me...won't be holding my hand ...."
this is a lyric to a song I wrote after reading the inspiring book "Kabul Beauty School". If you have read it, check it out. Women helping women! Powerful!
Well, that's ok! As I now step foot into my 50 years of life I am thrilled to see more and more young women who have grown up with computers getting involved with social networking. What a fabulous source for women in the business arena that I did not have when starting my business back in the 80s.
I give this to you all! A bit of inspiration through song...for as a song writing artist, this is how I communicate best. I layered my violin lines with vocals and textures to convey a feeling of labor and yet hope.
Take a break from your computer and stretch while you play this song below...

click link below to listen.......

Enjoy.... think about it..... and as always.....

Never Stop Movin'


workout music by MARINA

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